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Stop this car, let me get out of here,

Gonna find me a start, a brand new world near,

´Cause I rode my luck, looking up to my peers,

Eyes wide open, with these hopes and fears,

Sometimes it feels you’re climbing a mountain, some other frontier,

But rest assured these boots are grounding, I’m bound to last it,

I feel fantastic

(# instrumental)

Don’t shut me out, come on and make my day,

Won’t you look around, be thankful, suffice to say,

Sometimes you feel that nobody’s listening and you shed a tear,

But I know well, these roots will test what you held so dear

#Stop this car, let me get out of here,

Let me tell you something, whisper in your ear

Over and over again, I keep telling myself

Something in the road up ahead, something in your head,


Stop this car, let me get out of here,

Gonna find me start, there’s a brand new world near,

Over and over again, I kept telling myself,

Over and over gain, telling myself



Pick me up when I need dancing,

show me when I ain’t right,

Hold my hand for romancing,

Let me know if it’s too tight,

alright, the night is done, won’t you pick me up

Pick me up when I need saving,

When I’m gone show me the light,

It’s your love I’m craving,

Even when I put up a fight,

Alright, the night is ours, so pick me up

#All the echoes they rang, was I a little too much?

All the traces of you, as I follow behind

Show me how you snap your fingers,

And the twinkle in your eye,

Show me when you let it linger,

A little pause when you pass me by,

Oh I, I think im falling, won’t you pick me up,

Show me how this love things goes,

I’m a little torn inside,

Show the lives I suppose, I’ve been going on a ride,

I’m ready to give in, won’t you pick me up


When I’m feeling blue (pick me up)

When I’m broken it’s true (pick me up)

All my faith is in you, so pick me up won’t you.



Feel a gentle breeze yeah, and its sweeping you in,

What a beautiful afternoon, the more the reason to give in,

When the storm clouds are raging,

just remember in a song

#Oh I, I’m taking you with me everywhere I go,

I’m walking close to you and somehow you will know

I’m taking you with me everywhere I go,

Please don’t mind me daydreaming, no no no,

Sun comes up, in the morning dew,

I’m alive again its true,

The land is wet and dry, wether low or high,

Just know that I’ll be by your side,

When alarm bells are ringing,

Feels like there’s nowhere to begin,


Stop the clocks lets pause a while,

All my loving, you know I’m by your side,


I don’t want to be alone,

And the sheets feel cold,

Stop the clocks, let’s pause a while,

When the rain is slow, I’m by your side is all,




Though I’ve had my moments, of certain fear and doubt,

I know the fruits will flourish, once the heaviness fades out,

Been through some testing times, many more are sure to follow,

Who knows what awaits for you, when you’re dreaming of tomorrows, (when you’re rid of all your sorrows)


Work in progress, when you’re in to something good,

Work in progress, the dust settles and it’s up to you

(now let me get to the groove)

Take matters into your hands, you rearrange the rules,

You’ve been slacking for way too long,

Now it’s time to get back into the mood (groove)

There’s no strings attached, always some lesson to learn,

I know I’ll face tougher days, when I make mistakes again,

(# chorus)


Take pride in what you do, little by little you earned it too

Talk the talk, walk the walk,  I got a spring in my step its true

Take everything as a stepping stone,

no big brother looking from above,

Just a little of putting the hours,

and giving it some love

Work in progress



Todo una vida entera, entregándome a ti,

Siento por vez primera, que estas lejos tu de aquí

Mientras el mundo pide a gritos, un poco de amor y compasión

Y ya no se como estoy que si vengo o si voy,

Es que tu huella se hizo eterna hoy

#Todo el dolor, vuela,

Y Todo mi amor,  te espera,

desde un lugar cualquiera,

Todo son memorias buenas,

Luego en soledad duele bajo la piel,

Como toda historia quieres deshacer

todo lo que pudo ser

Hay que encontrar algo verdadero,

Un rayo de luz que te ciegue entero

Y nos bañamos de gloria, entre la pena y la euforia

Y ahora esta ausencia es parte de ti

#Hace tiempo que somos como extraños y no alivio este dolor,

(no, no)

Cada vez que te busco siento el daño que tanto olvido dejó, mi amor,  todo el dolor, vuela, todo mi amor, te espera

Y te dejas llevar, como el viento al azar,

Y te mueve el recordar, los latidos

Todo el dolor , vuela, todo mi amor, te espera,

Todo el dolor, ciega, desde un lugar cualquiera,



Lately I, I‘ve been soul searching,

man it’s taking me forever,

You know I try, to be the kind of guy,

who can steer in heavy weather,

Chasing the dream so bad,

You’re hardly ready for the fight

#Somebody gonna wish you harm, gonna push you down,

When they get the chance. 

When it comes to dance you know this, (you gotta) face the moment

Somebody gonna make you doubt, when you’re crying out loud, You can see it out,

get yourself together, and own it, Face the moment

Further down the line, it’ll pass you by,

A leap of faith to the unknown,

If there’s a chance I’ll go, to the other side

To the limits and beyond

You know the moment’s right,

And there’s a feeling that you can’t deny,


Get yourself together, own it, face the moment

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